No Useless Thing/person on this Earth

Once there was a man who did not make it to university. So, his mother

got him a wife. After the marriage, he worked as a teacher in a primary

school. Due to the lack of experience, he was squashed by the students

in less than a week.When he returned home, his wife dried his tears. She

comforted him with these words. ‘When one is too full, he could either pour

it out what’s in him or he just could not pour it out at all. You should not be

too sad about it. Probably there is a more suitable job waiting for you out there.’

Later on, he found another job and not for so long, he was fired due to his

slowness. This time, the wife commented. ‘There are always people who

are skilful and non skilful. Some have experience from their years of work.

As for you, you were in school all this while. So, how could you acquire

these needed skills?’

He went for a number of jobs but never stayed long in those jobs. Each time,

he would return home with a dejected spirit. His wife would always comfort him

and never for once, she was disappointed or resentful.He was in his thirties

when he aquired a flair in languages. He became a counselor in a school for

the deaf and mute. Later on, he opened a school for the disabled. A few years

later, he set up chain stores in different cities and provinces selling apparatus

& equipment for the disabled. He became a multi-millionaire. He was John Doe!

One day he asked his wife. ‘When I was looking bleak at my own future, what’s

the reason that you have so much faith in me?’

His wife gave him a very simple reply. She said, ‘When a piece of land is not

suitable for planting wheat, we could try planting beans. If the beans are

not growing well, we could try planting fruits or gourds. If the vegetation is not

economical, we can instead scatter buckwheat seeds. These seeds will one

day bloom into flowers. On this land itself, there will be one seed that will

germinate and grow.’

After having listened to the wife’s explanation, he cried. His wife’s faith, love,

patience, and persistence in him is liken to the one seed in the land. This is the

seed that persists and creates the miracle on this piece of land.In this regard its

worth recalling a Sanskrit sloka:

Amantram aksharam naasti naasti moolmanaushadham,

Ayogyah purusho naasti yojakastatra durlabhh.

i.e.,There is no letter in the alphabet that can not be used as a ‘Mantra’ , and

there exists no root which can not be used as a medicine. Likewise, there is

no incompetent or useless person. Scarce is only a person who knows how to

make good use of all these.

Source: Prof A Jagan Mohan Reddy, MTC Global


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