How to Celebrate Life !!!

  • Life is not for regret but has to be lived & enjoyed. 
  • Never live in the past. Just lean into it, sometimes & get back. 
  • Carry the good memories & forget the bad ones. 
  • Enjoy with people who are available & around you – no matter who & where they are. That is destiny. 

  • Work is Life – whatever may be the nature of work. Get busy. 

  • Ask people for work – be it job, profession or business. 

  • Work from 8 AM to 8 PM, 5 or 6 days ; little more if you can. Work is fulfilling, rewarding, solves many problems, prevents sickness & makes one financially independent. 

  • Keep visiting Parents – anytime, anyday & spend as much time with them. Be patient with elderly Parents. Never say a work which hurts them. 

  • Break the shackles & visit people – elderly, friends, kith, kin, colleagues, associates. Peep into their lives, listen, volunteer help wherever possible. 

  • Many people need help of all types. 

  • Keep on enjoying the good palatable stuff – be it a lively conversation, food, delicacies, places, relationships, technology, etc . 

  • Do not judge, compare, criticise others. That gives mental peace.

  • Share Knowledge, wealth, other resources. God gives us excess, to share with others.

    Then, Life becomes a celebration.


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