List of evolutionary computation Journals

Journals by Michael Lones
This is a list of journals that publish articles in evolutionary computation and related areas. Journals are listed in order of first publication. Impact factors (2012) are provided where available. I make no guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of this information.

Evolutionary Computing    Natural Computing    Computational Intelligence    Optimisation and Metaheuristics    Conferences

Evolutionary Computing

Evolutionary Computation  MIT Press, 1993-Present, Impact factor 2.109
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation  IEEE Press, 1997-Present, Impact factor 4.810
Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines  Springer, 2000-Present, Impact factor 1.333
Evolutionary Intelligence  Springer, 2008-Present
Memetic Computing  Springer, 2009-Present
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation  Elsevier, 2011-Present

Natural Computing

BioSystems  Elsevier, 1967-Present, Impact factor 1.581
Theoretical Computer Science – Natural Computing section  Elsevier, 1975-Present, Impact factor 0.489
Complex Systems  Complex Systems Publications Inc., 1987-Present
Artificial Life  MIT Press, 1994-Present, Impact factor 1.585
Natural Computing  Springer, 2002-Present, Impact factor 0.683
International Journal of Unconventional Computing  Old City Publishing, 2005-Present
Journal of Cellular Automata  Old City Publishing, 2006-Present
International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation  Inderscience, 2009-Present, Impact factor 1.351

Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B  IEEE, 1996-Present, Impact factor 3.236
Soft Computing  Springer, 1997-Present, Impact factor 1.124
Applied Soft Computing  Elsevier, 2001-Present, Impact factor 2.140
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research  Research India Publications, 2005-Present
IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine  IEEE Press, 2006-Present, Impact factor 4.629
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems  Atlantis / Taylor and Francis, 2008-Present

Optimisation and Metaheuristics

Engineering Optimization  Taylor and Francis, 1974-Present, Impact factor 0.962
Journal of Global Optimization  Springer, 1991-Present, Impact factor 1.307
Computational Optimization and Applications  Springer, 1992-Present, Impact factor 1.278
Journal of Heuristics  Springer, 1995-Present, Impact factor 1.471
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization  Springer, 1998-Present, Impact factor 0.592
Optimization Letters  Springer, 2007-Present, Impact factor 1.654
International Journal of Metaheuristics  Inderscience, 2010-Present
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