Be the change you want to see in the world : A short story!!!

An old man in a small city in Saudi Arabia was breathing his last. People came to visit him. One of them asked the old man to speak a few words of advice guidance to lead life before he departed this world.
The old man said:

“During my youth when I was around 20 years old I was very much energetic and enthusiastic, I thought I can change the world and solve all its problems and started working in the cause.

Days passed by and I became 30 years old and the World was where it was 10 years ago and that made me realize maybe I should lower my ambitions so thought I better at least change my country though not the world.

As time passed, when I became 40 years old I realized trying to change the people of my country was nothing but a waste of time since they were millions and it was very difficult to change all of them. I decided to further lower my ambitions so I thought I must change the people of my city, but they did not wish to change either.

When I grew very old, by this time I was around 60 years of age I thought I should at least try changing my family members. Thought it was an easy task, but there also I found my efforts and the little time I had go waste”

On my death bed I now realize that if I had worked on changing myself by getting rid of the imperfections in me and overcoming my own shortcomings, perhaps I would have found my family members change. Considering the good behavior and conduct of my family members perhaps the whole town would have got influenced and changed. Looking at the progress and development of a whole town perhaps the people of my country would have been influenced. And perhaps looking at the people of my country the whole world might have been influenced and changed.

Moral:WALK THE TALK . We can inspire better by our example , than by trying to change others first.

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