India needs young VCs to connect with students: Pitroda From ToI

TNN | Mar 23, 2014, 02.01AM IST

BANGALORE: In a young country like India, vice-chancellors of universities should be in the 35-40 age group, and not 60-plus, said Sam Pitroda, adviser to the prime minister on public information, infrastructure and innovation.

Pitroda, who was interacting with the media on Saturday, conceded though, that there’s resistance to any such change, and rued that no one in the country had put forth such a demand. “The university education system is being run by old people. The rules and regulations are made by people who are 60 years old while the customers’ average age is 20 years. There is a total disconnect. Can’t we have vice-chancellors aged 35 to 40 years?” he asked.

He also alleged that none of the VCs and professors in the country had bothered to read the Knowledge Commission report. If young people are not given exposure in all fields, they would develop the ideas and thinking of the older generation, he said. “In this country, everybody knows the PM’s job. But nobody knows what his job is,” he quipped.

On his telecom revolution, Pitroda said the country would have to move into the second phase, comprising data, convergence, voice and video and the integration of all these services.

‘Lies sell well’

Pitroda said the one thing that bothers him is talk that nothing has happened in the country for the past 10 years. “In the past ten years, 8% growth has been recorded, except last year when it was 5%. Building a country is different. Nilekani added 650 million IDs, some 20,000 colleges were linked to the National Knowledge Network,” he added.

“I think the Congress will win and form the next government,” he said.

Ideas differ

Asked about BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, he said he had nothing personal against him, and that only ideas regarding development issues differed.


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