Doubt Needs Great Courage – Osho

“Doubt needs great courage because you will be doubting everything possible. You will be surrounded by all kinds of doubts. All consoling beliefs will be taken away, beliefs which gave you a certain confidence, a certain stability, a certain feeling that you belong to a big tradition, a well-respected religion of holy scriptures, messiahs, representatives of God.

“You had all these things surrounding you. They gave you a cozy feeling that you are not alone. I am trying to do just this: cut away everything that gives you a false, cozy feeling and that keeps you dozing all your life.

“Belief is the opium which all the religions have been giving you in good doses. I am trying to destroy your addiction to the opium. My whole effort is to leave you alone.”

Osho, From Personality to Individuality, Talk #13


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