Best of network access control 2013

Gold: Unified Access Control, Juniper Networks Inc.

Juniper Networks takes the gold for its Unified Access Control, which is an extensible, standards-based access product. It is designed to provide simple, granular, differentiated network, cloud and application access control based on user identity and role, device type, integrity and location. It segments network and data access for compliance, secures BYOD programs and identity-enables data center access.

Readers awarded Unified Access Control high scores in all areas, highlighting its “useful” integration with existing infrastructure. The product features vendor-agnostic access control, which works with any 802.1X-enabled switch and access point to allow fast deployment and seamless access control.

Juniper Networks offers Unified Access Control in three models to meet the needs of a range of business sizes. The IC4500 Unified Access Control appliance is for midsize to large organizations and remote branches and offices and can scale to support 25 to 5,000 simultaneous endpoints.

Expert market reflection on category dynamics:

“In the future, access control will be more granular-based, not just on the posture of the user agent, but even more on the toxicity of the data, which is a key tenant of our Zero Trust model.”

— John Kindervag, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research

Silver winner:  McAfee Network Access Control, McAfee Inc.

The silver medal goes to McAfee Network Access Control. Readers called it “excellent” and said that it does a great job of protecting high-risk areas on the network by identifying, quarantining and remediating infected devices. The product is designed to unify endpoint and network security with access control and policy auditing. This integrated solution secures against threats inside and outside the network while remaining simple, cost-effective, accurate, scalable and secure. It controls access and protects against broad threats with application-based and identity-based technologies.

Bronze winner:  Cisco NAC Appliance, Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems’ NAC Appliance (formerly Cisco Clean Access) captured the bronze; with more than half of the readers who voted saying they use this product. The Cisco NAC appliance received high scores in a number of areas, with readers applauding its strengths in terms of meeting their needs.

Cisco NAC Appliance is designed to enable organizations to recognize users, their devices and roles in the network, and to evaluate whether machines are compliant. It enforces security policies by blocking, isolating and fixing noncompliant systems, while also providing auditing and reporting capabilities.




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